We’re Bringing Tuna Back

The Lowest Mercury Limit of Any Tuna Brand

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We’re Bringing Tuna Back

The Lowest Mercury Limit of Any Tuna Brand

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Great for athletes, kids, and pregnant women.

Eat Pure. Live Pure.

Better Nutrients

Our tuna retains 100% of natural nutrients. Most brands lose nutrients and most of the omega 3s by machine processing and precooking.

Healthy Hearts

Better Purity

The strictest mercury limits of any brand. Safe Catch Elite is the only tuna brand that passes Consumer Reports “Low Mercury” criteria for pregnant women and kids.

Pure Athletes

Better Protein

35 grams of protein per can. All nine essential amino acids and all omega 3s retained in our artisan cook process.

Safe Catch tuna is dolphin safe, sustainably caught, mercury tested, bpa free and additive free, has more Omega 3s, and does not pre-cook.

Feel Great Tuna

We want everyone to feel great about eating tuna again, so we invented a new technology to test every fish for mercury. We only source sustainable wild caught tuna and each fish has to pass our test. Not every tuna can be a Safe Catch Tuna.

Most canned tuna loses flavor and the majority of Omega 3s due to machine processing. We hand pack pure raw tuna steaks to retain all nutrients and then slow cook them to perfection.

We hope you love it!
Sean & Bryan, Founders

Safe Catch is on a mission to provide pure & delicious seafood for all.

Amazing Purity. Amazing Taste.

How Safe Catch Makes Amazing Tuna

Sustainably caught tuna

Sustainably Caught

We only buy from captains whose catch methods minimize environmental impact.

Tuna Mercury Testing

Amazing Purity

We invented a new technology to test every single tuna for mercury. We are the only brand that does.

All the Nutrients in the Can

Amazing Taste

We hand-cut fish, then slow cook it in the can to seal in all natural flavors and nutrients.

Delicious canned tuna

Pure Tuna

No fillers, no additives, non GMO verified, BPA-Free. Just pure tuna.

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At Safe Catch, we are on a mission to provide consumers with pure and delicious seafood, while also protecting purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers.