Safe Catch Was Started By Two Childhood Friends In Marin County, A Stone’s Throw From San Francisco Bay.
“Growing up near Mount Tamalpais and The Pacific Ocean inspired our deep appreciation for nature.”
Our Goal Was Simple


Today we can provide fish that conforms to incredibly strict purity limits for mercury. But, we’re looking to tomorrow. We need to protect the fish and the fish tank – to safeguard ocean purity – so we don’t wake up in a world where what we do today, isn’t possible anymore.
A Couple of Guys from Marin
“Our baby boy Dylan, (he’s on the site), loves Safe Catch tuna right out of the can. It feels great to feed him tuna that builds his brain without the fear of unknown mercury levels. I believe purity is a key link to health and biodiversity. I want to protect purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers for the next generation.”

“I want people to have access to affordable and healthy seafood. The choices consumers make impact our food and ecosystems. I think people are excited to implement solutions to protect purity. My goal is to put the need to test for impurities out of business.”

Consumer voice, and choice, can help protect purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

We want your help.

First Up:

We can get scrubbers in power plants that need them, to keep mercury out of our atmosphere, so that it doesn’t make its way up the food chain. There are practical solutions for our country and our world. More to come…