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Tuna Fish Recipes for Lent

Lent begins March 1st, Ash Wednesday, and continues through Thursday, April 13th right before Easter. Millions of people around the world, believers and non-believers, will take part in this religious celebration and traditions of the lent season. Fasting as a form of...

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Safe Catch Reaction to EPA & FDA Mercury Advice

  We get it- there’s a lot of fish in the sea and it’s hard to know which fish are the right choices, particularly when you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.  In an effort to help guide the way, the FDA and EPA issued seafood dietary advice earlier...

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See Safe Catch on Shark Tank!

Safe Catch is diving into the Tank! Watch Safe Catch on SHARK TANK, premiering on Friday, November 4th! Our founders, Bryan and Sean, will be pitching Safe Catch tuna to the sharks on ABC. Tune in to TUNA on ABC at 9|8c or watch online: SHARK TANK SEASON 8 EPISODE...

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Meet the Safe Catch Team!

The Safe Catch team is lean, mean & very green!  We work in the beautiful ocean town of Sausalito, California in an office with turquoise painted walls and cases of tuna piled high.  At least one of us mixes up a bowl of tuna salad for lunch every day and we all...

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4 School Lunch Ideas to Help Your Kid Focus

There’s no denying that as a kid, school days feel long and tiring. Can you believe how many hours we all used to sit in those hard plastic chairs listening to teachers? Today, it’s hard for me to imagine spending 5+ hours in one of those awkward asymmetrical desks!...

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Safe Catch Fuels Athletes

Safe Catch tuna fuels elite athletes like Sarah Piampiano! For a Top US Female Triathlete, nutrition is critical to performance and recovery. Canned tuna has always been Sarah's go-to protein for quick and delicious meals, but she started to worry about mercury...

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Tuna Can Crafts

I love a fun project you can make to utilize items you would normally just throw away. Not only do you feel better about being green, it’s also makes for an affordable craft project. Mason Jar crafts are so popular these days, but have you ever considered re-purposing...

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Our Favorite Companies at Expo East!

Little Spoon Little Spoon is a inspiring new brand that is changing the baby food industry. They make fresh, HPP (High Pressure Processing – a cold pasteurization technique where products are sealed in its final package and cooked at a high level of isotactic pressure...

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7 Foods to Stay Young

"You are what you eat." You are what you eat. We have all heard this saying before, but have you ever really thought about how simple this concept is? At the foundation of a youthful body is good nutrition… and sleep for that matter! Eating the right food will help...

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