The Perfect Dorm Snack – Safe Catch Elite Tuna

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College is hectic and dorms are cramped. So finding the perfect dorm snack without wasting a ton of time and money can be nearly impossible. I have splurged on many fancy protein bars just to find out they have 15 grams of sugar or slowly watched my yogurts expire as I forget to check my […]

Cajun Tuna Benedict

Exciting news to share – we’ve partnered with one of the coolest brands around – Spiceologist. Not only are there spices and rubs delish, but they are made from the finest all-natural ingredients. Did you know that our new line of Seasoned Elite tuna is made with Spiceoloigst spices?… That is why our Seasoned Elite tastes […]

New Recipes: Tuna Bruschetta and Paleo Tuna Salad

If you enjoy putting a new spin on classic tuna, you will LOVE these new recipes. Take your taste buds on a trip to Italy with tuna bruschetta on sweet potato toast, made with basil, olive oil and garlic – Whole30 and Paleo Approved. If you have an AIP diet, or just love eating healthy […]

Diving into NEW Seasoned Elite Wild Tuna

We are so excited to announce our brand-new line of Seasoned Elite Wild Tuna! Unlike anything you have ever tasted, we paired our best-selling, individually tested, sustainably caught Elite Wild Skipjack Tuna with six premium spice blends and a touch of avocado oil to create delicious and uniquely flavored products that will take your taste […]

7 Reasons to Celebrate World Tuna Day

May 2nd marks the first ever World Tuna Day, one of the year’s most important (and under-appreciated) holidays. What better way to celebrate World Tuna Day than by learning some fun facts about your favorite fish, tuna! Tuna like to travel, a lot! All tuna species are nomadic, which means they do not spend their […]

Cooking with Safe Catch on World Tuna Day!

Tuna may be your favorite fish, I know it certainly is mine! There are so many unique and different ways to cook tuna; tuna steaks, sashimi, tuna salad, tuna sandwiches, tuna pasta salad, pizza, you name it! Safe Catch makes truly scrumptious canned tuna, and it is so much healthier for you than other brands […]

Safe Catch Reaction to EPA & FDA Mercury Advice

what fish are high in mercury

We get it- there’s a lot of fish in the sea and it’s hard to know which fish are the right choices, particularly when you’re pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant.  In an effort to help guide the way, the FDA and EPA issued seafood dietary advice earlier this month (FDA & EPA Advice).  While […]

4 School Lunch Ideas to Help Your Kid Focus

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There’s no denying that as a kid, school days feel long and tiring. Can you believe how many hours we all used to sit in those hard plastic chairs listening to teachers? Today, it’s hard for me to imagine spending 5+ hours in one of those awkward asymmetrical desks! Now that the joys and pains […]

Back To School

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School lunches should not be that complicated to throw together in a pinch during your morning rush. However, the problem is making sure that your kid’s lunch is packed with nutritious and delicious goodies that they will actually want to eat! Today we are sharing a simple and healthy tuna salad recipe, that is kid […]