Lent begins March 1st, Ash Wednesday, and continues through Thursday, April 13th right before Easter. Millions of people around the world, believers and non-believers, will take part in this religious celebration and traditions of the lent season.

Fasting as a form of penance is a long tradition of the lent period. Lasting 40 days, (Sundays not included), the traditional forty days of fasting represent the forty days Jesus spent fasting in the desert in preparation for his ministry. This tradition has translated over time for many as a period of giving up of certain luxuries and temptations.

Many families and individuals will abstain from consuming meat during lent, while many others will give up meat on Fridays. This makes lent a perfect time to incorporate more seafood into you and your family’s diet and Safe Catch tuna is the perfect choice for a delicious, healthy, affordable meal. High in protein, Omega 3s and nutrients, and of course, the lowest mercury of any tuna on the market, Safe Catch is a must have during lent.

So go ahead, give up some bad habits or temptations during lent, but don’t forget to indulge in the guilt free deliciousness that is Safe Catch tuna.

Check out the lent inspired tuna fish recipes below and check out our recipe page for more!

Lent Inspired Dishes