Safe Catch Fuels Athletes

Safe Catch tuna fuels elite athletes like Sarah Piampiano! For a Top US Female Triathlete, nutrition is critical to performance and recovery. Canned tuna has always been Sarah’s go-to protein for quick and delicious meals, but she started to worry about mercury levels. Mercury in tuna fish can vary in levels up to 20x.

For athletes, mercury can hurt athletic performance and slow down recovery time. Sarah was concerned she might have to cut back on tuna – until she found Safe Catch! Since Safe Catch tests every fish for its mercury level, she could finally be comfortable eating tuna again. Its the only tuna she trains with! Hear what Sarah has to say about Safe Catch tuna…

Sarah – “Eating lean protein full of healthy fats is key for me. Canned tuna has always been a go-to food for me as it has so much of what I need – high protein, lower fat, fast preparation. I sometimes eat 2 cans of tuna per day, making concerns over high mercury levels of significance for me. When I was introduced to Safe Catch I literally jumped for joy – From a health perspective I was thrilled to have a product I could consume that was free from mercury and also tasted better than any tuna brand I had eaten before. I have been incredibly impressed with this company – not only for their testing technology, but also in the way they cook the fish to preserve all of the healthy fats and oils (most only brands often cooks these nutrients out). Not only has Safe Catch become a staple for me in my diet, but I often bring 2-3 weeks supply of it with me wherever I travel and have been recommending it to everyone.”

What is Sarah’s Favorite Tuna meal? – Simple tuna straight from the can, on a bed of greens!

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