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Our Favorite Companies at Expo East!

Little Spoon

Little Spoon is a inspiring new brand that is changing the baby food industry. They make fresh, HPP (High Pressure Processing – a cold pasteurization technique where products are sealed in its final package and cooked at a high level of isotactic pressure by water) baby food made with organic and Non-GMO fruits and vegetables. Finally a brand that is fresh, simple and safe for your baby. Stay tuned they are launching their products soon!


I am sure that you are familiar with Suja, Cold Pressed Juices. Suja is an amazing company based out of San Diego, CA, that makes an array of delicious juices for people everywhere to help transform their lives through conscious nutrition. We were able to meet part of the team from Suja juice at Expo East! Thank you for stock piling us with delicious juices that kept us refreshed throughout the expo. You guys rock!

Crazy Richards Peanut Butter Company

Are you crazy about peanut butter like me? Then you need to check out Crazy Richards! Their array of butters, spreads, and peanut protein powders are full of flavor and are “CRAZY” healthy. They use an artisan roasting process that brings out a rich flavor in the nuts, and they never use any salt, hydrogenated oil, palm oil, or added sugar.

Savannah Bee Company

We had the pleasure of stopping by the Savannah Bee Company booth at Expo East this year! They make a variety of unique honeys, beauty and body products. Not only are their products amazing, but their team is so kind and passionate about the world around us. They are improving the lives of many with their positive mission and understanding of the environment. Make sure to try their lotions and lip balm!  I am a fan for life!

Dang Coconut Chips

Dang, that’s good is right! Their coconut chips are the best things I have ever had hands down! Dang Foods is new company based out of Berkeley, CA that makes Toasted Coconut Chips. They are a wonderful team that values family, friends, fun, food, culture, community and creativity. I had the pleasure of stoping their booth at Expo East and trying their array of yummy snacks!

NEXTY Award Ceremony!

Expo East started off in full swing with the NEXTY Award ceremony. Safe Catch was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award at the Natural Products Expo West show, and received our award at Expo East. It was a great honor and privilege to be recognized for our achievements in the seafood industry. Thank you New Hope Media for making dreams happen.

See you all at Expo West 2016!


Michelle Watson

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