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The Perfect Dorm Snack – Safe Catch Elite Tuna

College is hectic and dorms are cramped. So finding the perfect dorm snack without wasting a ton of time and money can be nearly impossible. I have splurged on many fancy protein bars just to find out they have 15 grams of sugar or slowly watched my yogurts expire as I forget to check my fridge for two weeks. So often, I’d find the “healthy” snack was filled with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce to hide the bland taste of low-quality ingredients.

Safe Catch Elite tuna is the perfect dorm snack for all kinds of students. First off, it tastes good. Like really good. And with an easy-to-open tab it’s an easy go-to snack anytime, anywhere. If you spend endless hours in the library and are in desperate need of brain food, Safe Catch is great for that. Or if you are desperately avoiding the freshman 15 and looking for a protein-packed, low-cal snack. A single can has 35 grams of protein, packed with those healthy Omega 3s and only 200 calories. And it’s practical. No can opener required, no nasty smell, no refrigeration needed. All you need is a fork (which let’s be honest you probably stole from the dining hall).

We think you deserve high-quality, healthy food that doesn’t come in a styrofoam cup. And to get it, you don’t even have to leave your bed (or compsci building). You can get all of the original and seasoned Elite tuna delivered if you buy online at For $26.99 you can get a variety pack of 6 new seasoned tuna cans (which is great when your school charges $10 for 8 pieces of mystery sushi).

Canned tuna isn’t the sexiest or most glamorous snack, but who needs fancy avocado toast when you’re stressed and probably hungover. In college, you need something great-tasting and nutritious that will last. Safe Catch has reinvented the stereotypical bland tuna into a delicious, superfood snack. With six new seasonings like Chili Lime and Citrus Pepper, and with the 3oz. travel pouch, tuna is perfect for on-the-go, in class or in your room for a late night snack. Make yourself proud and choose the perfect dorm snack Safe Catch tuna!

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