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Diving into NEW Seasoned Elite Wild Tuna

We are so excited to announce our brand-new line of Seasoned Elite Wild Tuna! Unlike anything you have ever tasted, we paired our best-selling, individually tested, sustainably caught Elite Wild Skipjack Tuna with six premium spice blends and a touch of avocado oil to create delicious and uniquely flavored products that will take your taste buds on a mouthwatering trip around the world.

As you know, Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna is the lowest mercury tuna of any brand! We wanted to give you more options to enjoy our Elite Wild Tuna every day of the week, so naturally we thought of seasoning our Elite tuna. Unlike other ‘flavored’ tuna out there, which is ‘flavored’ with artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers, and other chemicals, we chose to season our tuna with all natural, real gourmet spices and seasonings. We spent months developing these new products, taste testing hundreds of different combinations of seasonings and oils from around the world, to craft the perfect variety of seasoned products, all of which embrace our values of purity, transparency, and simple natural ingredients. We chose to add a touch of avocado oil to our Seasoned Elite Tuna products to enhance the incredible flavors of the tuna and natural ingredients.

Real, pure, natural, simple, delicious ingredients; that is our mission at Safe Catch! We hope you love these new products as much as we do. Try one flavor at a time, or try them all in a Variety Pack! Get them while they last!

The NEW Hook-up!

Citrus Pepper

Chili Lime

Garlic Herb


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