Tuna Can Crafts

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Blog, Crafts, Holiday, Lifestyle | 1 comment

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I love a fun project you can make to utilize items you would normally just throw away. Not only do you feel better about being green, it’s also makes for an affordable craft project.

Mason Jar crafts are so popular these days, but have you ever considered re-purposing your tuna cans? Think of all the possibilities; succulent planters, desk-top organizers, candle holders, ect. So turn your tins into treasures!

I know what your thinking… they will still smell like tuna fish. Wrong! Wash your old tuna tins out with soap and water and toss them in the dishwasher to remove the smell.

Here are some inspirations and how-to’s to get you started!


Planters – Turn your used tuna tin into a succulent planter, or a flower pot!


Desk-top organizer – Perfect small dish to hold and organize your paper clips, rubber bands, push-pins, and more.




Candle holder – Re-purpose your tuna can as a candle holder. Paint the outside to match the décor!


Luminaries – Drill out holes in the side of the tins and place a candle in the middle and light up the room!



Jewellery holder – These small circles are perfect for organizing your rings, and necklaces.


Mosaic Cans – Purchase a mosaic kit from the local craft store and use the tuna can as your base structure.


Arts/Crafts – Dress your can up during the holidays! Make a festive turkey, or decorative pumpkin for Halloween!

Fun for the Whole Family.  Enjoy!


Michelle Watson