Our Story

Safe Catch was started a little over 10 years ago by Sean Wittenberg and Bryan Boches, two childhood friends and next-door neighbors. Their passion for the environment, ocean conservation, and healthy living, propelled them to create a unique brand of canned tuna, that is like no other. Our proprietary testing technology was originally created with the notion of bringing it to the forefront of the big tuna companies and seafood industry as a solution to the mercury contamination problem; which is still occurring in our oceans today. The industry in general did not want to admit that there is a mercury problem in our oceans, and that it is getting into our food supply. So we decided to take a leap of faith, and combat the industry head on.

Diving In

Our products were launched in stores May of this year, and we have seen demand grow locally and nationally. At Safe Catch we are more than just a tuna company, we care immensely about what goes into each and every can; the product, the environmental impact, the fishing method, the canning and processing method, and the workers who packed it. We take everything to heart and truly believe that what you are getting is a can of tuna like nothing you have ever tasted before!

Safe Catch Today

You can find Safe Catch products in stores near you, and we are continuing to grow around the nation. You can also order our products here through the website, to be delivered to your door.


We are truly humbled for your support and will continue to create a product that helps you Eat Pure. Live Pure. Enjoy!


– Kevin McCay