Meet the Safe Catch Crew!

“I love Safe Catch Tuna as it is the only brand out there that retains such a fresh flavor, is low in mercury and comes from the best sources.”  Read more

Katie Bottini

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, Triathlete and Nike Model

“The Whole30 community loves Safe Catch tuna for their commitment to sustainability and low mercury content. I feel confident recommending Safe Catch Elite to our pregnant mamas as a healthy, portable protein option.”  Read More

Melissa Urban

CEO and Co-Founder, Whole30

“We’re into Safe Catch, because they support our on the go, active lifestyle and are taking a stand to help protect the oceans that we love to play in.”  Read more


Travel Bloggers

“I absolutely love Safe Catch Tuna! So many tuna companies have additives and unnecessary ingredients.  I love Safe Catch’s clean labels and knowing it is the best quality fish I can put in my body.  Oh and it also tastes REALLY delicious too!”  Read more

Kelsey Preciado

'Little Bits Of' Food Blogger

“I love Safe Catch because it makes me feel good that I’m putting the safest, lowest mercury tuna in my body. Safe Catch is not only safe, but also delicious. The taste of tuna is pure and fresh, and I love how it comes in big chunks as opposed to finely processed. It is the only tuna brand I eat!”  Read more


'Peachonomics' Food Blogger

“I honestly wasn’t a big fan of tuna, until I tried Safe Catch. I adore Safe Catch and how much effort they put in to make sure we only get the best tuna and that it’s clean. I always feel good about eating it and honestly, their tuna has become such a staple part of my lunch routine.”  Read more

Lex Phillips

Certified Health Coach and Food Blogger

“I love safe catch because of how the tuna is treated, tested, and packaged, as well as tastes! You can certainly taste the difference! This is the only brand of tuna we will eat!”  Read more

Amanda Byrne

Food & Fitness Blogger

“Safe Catch is the best tasting and most nutritious tuna I have ever eaten since it is cooked in a way that seals in the rich flavor and nutrients.”   Read more

Jarod Shoemaker

Professional Triathlete

“Safe Catch tuna is a delicious, inexpensive option that I personally feel good about feeding my family and recommending to my pregnant clients.”  Read more

Stephanie Greunke

The "Doctor Mom" Podcast Host & Whole30's Dietitian and Education Manager

“It’s the only tuna I eat.”  Read more

Gray Maynard

Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

“When I was introduced to Safe Catch, I literally jumped for joy. Not only has Safe Catch become a staple for me in my diet, but I often bring 2-3 weeks supply of it with me wherever I travel and recommend it to everyone.”  Read more

Sarah Piampiano

Professional Triathlete

“As someone who battled cancer, I am cautious as to what I put into my body. With Safe Catch, I know my body is getting the healthiest possible tuna product there is and I am not worrying about what ingredients are added to it. Plus, Safe Catch Tuna is absolutely delicious and I can use it in so many different recipes!”  Read more
Melissa Lerna

'My Whole Life' Whole30 Blogger

“I love Safe Catch tuna because it is so important to put the best quality foods into our bodies. Not only does Safe Catch get that, but they go above and beyond to make that happen. Plus I love that it’s safe to eat daily and just plain delicious!”  Read more
Stacy Dempsey

'All Roads Lead to Healthy' Food Blogger

“Safe catch is the only brand of tuna I eat because it has the lowest mercury level and more omega 3’s than other brands. I feel safe recommending this to my pregnant patients and to families. The taste does not disappoint either, I can’t get enough of tuna salad lately.”  Read more
Emily Vanderburg

Physician Assistant in North Carolina