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Katie Bottini

Personal Trainer, Nutrition specialist, Triathlete, and Fitness Model

“I love Safe Catch Tuna as it is the only brand out there that retains such a fresh flavor, is low in mercury and comes from the best sources. My favorite is the no salt added variety, which I will often just eat straight out of the can or mixed with lots of fresh veggies or over a salad.  Since I am often on the go, I find it most challenging to get in good protein sources while running between clients, fueling after a workout, and most importantly while traveling. Safe Catch Tuna is the best snack, and protein source to have on the go as its easy to pack and the easy open lids make it great for eating on the go. I also love to cook, making healthy meals to fuel me for my training. Safe Catch Tuna is very versatile and can be eaten simply as a snack or used to make a great dinner!  I love how convenient it is and it puts my mind to ease knowing I am getting putting the best quality ingredients into my body!”


My name is Katie Bottini and I am a Personal Trainer, Nutrition specialist, triathlete, and fitness model.  I put a lot of hard work into my training, and only put clean, quality foods into my body. The best fuel = the best performance and best results for staying lean and healthy. By eating such a clean diet full of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and good fats, I am constantly checking labels and making sure all my protein is the best quality.

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