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Marissa Lerna

'My Whole Life' Whole30 Blogger

Melissa Lerna

“I love Safe Catch Tuna because to me, eating foods with only the best and healthiest ingredients is most important. As someone who battled cancer, I am cautious as to what I put into my body. With Safe Catch though, I know my body is getting the healthiest possible tuna product there is and I am not worrying about what ingredients are added to it. Plus, Safe Catch Tuna is absolutely delicious and I can use it in so many different recipes!”


I’m Marissa! I am a stage 4 cancer survivor, marathon runner and a complete health nut. I enjoy cooking and creating new recipes with all different ingredients. I also love to bake treats, both healthy and some not-so-healthy. I plan to pursue a career helping children with life-threatening illnesses. I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle with the help of eating the right foods and exercise. Dedication and motivation is key to being successful at anything, and through the power of social media, I love to help people find theirs!

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