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Sarah Piampiano

Ironman Triathlete

Sarah Piampiano

“As an elite endurance athlete nutrition plays a significant role in my recovery and performance. Canned tuna has always been a go-to food for me as it has so much of what I need – high protein, lower fat, fast preparation. I sometimes eat 2 cans of tuna per day, making concerns over high mercury levels significant for me. When I was introduced to Safe Catch, I literally jumped for joy. I have been incredibly impressed with this company – not only for their testing technology, but also in the way they cook the fish to preserve all of the healthy fats and oils (most other brands cook away these nutrients). Not only has Safe Catch become a staple for me in my diet, but I often bring 2-3 weeks supply of it with me wherever I travel and have been recommending it to everyone.”


It all started with a bet – Sarah bet one of her friends she could beat him in a triathlete (with barely any training). Not only did Sarah win the bet, but she also realized that she loved competing and that she had the potential to be really good. In 2010, Sarah left her job as a banker to pursue triathlons and went pro in 2012. Since turning professional she has accumulated 2 70.3-distance wins, 1 Ironman win and 10 podium performances as well as a 7th place finish at the 2015 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Safe Catch has been supporting Sarah’s dream since 2014 and fuels her workouts with Safe Catch Elite tuna.

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