Lowest mercury of any brand.

Every Single Tuna Tested - Safe Catch Tuna
The Only Brand That Tests Every Single Tuna For Mercury. Amazing Purity. Amazing Taste.

More Purity and Nutrients. Amazing Taste.

We start with strict purity limits. Next, we take whole tuna steaks and pack them raw to retain nutrients unlike brands that precook away nutrients. Finally, our cooking process (we ran 70 variations) yields an amazing taste.
Safe Catch Tuna is Better Tuna (and here’s why)
Healthy Living
The only brand with a tuna that meets Environmental Working Group’s “Best Seafood” criteria for mercury levels. Eat pure. Live pure.
Mom and Kids
The only brand with a tuna that meets Consumer Reports “Low Mercury” criteria for pregnant moms and children. The strictest mercury limits of any brand.
The Athletes
The only brand that tests every fish. Too much mercury can tax performance and recovery. All nine essential amino acids and Omega-3s retained in every can.

Do Something Good to Yourself.