Safe Catch Sustainability and Socially Responsible Sourcing Policy

The mission of Safe Catch is to provide pure, sustainable seafood and to help protect purity in our rivers, lakes and oceans.  Using sustainable methods of catching seafood from well managed stocks is an essential element of promoting a healthy ecosystem and purity in our oceans.

Using a traditional packing method, we hand cut and hand pack pure tuna steaks to retain all the nutrients and then slow cook them to perfection. Conventional twice cooked tuna is made by putting the fish in large pre-cookers on open racks, then machine processing it, and then rehydrating the precooked tuna in the can and cooking it again.  As a result, conventional tuna lose many vital Omega 3 oils as the fish precook on racks and the oils drain away.  The machine processing also impairs natural flavor and texture.

Our sustainability policy focuses on the entire ecosystem, meaning we look at the health of the oceans in conjunction with the health of the life it supports. We have chosen our catch methods very carefully with a great deal of support from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program. All seafood we use must first meet high standards of quality and the sustainability criteria prior to Safe Catch testing to our strict mercury standard, published on every package.  If it doesn’t meet our published mercury standard, we don’t purchase it. We are the only seafood brand with the technology to test every single fish and we are the only brand that does.

Safe Catch Elite Tuna

Safe Catch Elite tuna is made with skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) caught in the Western Central Pacific catch area (FAO 71) which is part of the Western Central Pacific Ocean (WCPO) skipjack tuna stock.  Our partners at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program and the Vancouver Aquarium Ocean Wise program list skipjack tuna as a healthy tuna stock in the WCPO.  Safe Catch only uses free school skipjack tuna that are caught by purse seine boats without the use of fish aggregating devices (FADs), also known as free school.  All the skipjack tuna we purchase must be accompanied by a FAD-Free certificate that states that the catch was monitored by an independent observer. Our FAD-Free certification may also include certification from the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

FAD-Free purse seining of free school skipjack is amongst the best methods for the overall sustainability of the oceans health.  We believe that free school purse net is the best method because the boats are able to catch more of a healthy stock of fish during each voyage, less voyages are being undertaken and less of a carbon footprint is being placed on our oceans.

 Albacore Tuna

Our albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) are caught in the Northwest Pacific catch area (FAO 61) and the Western Central Pacific catch area (FAO 71).  Our albacore tuna comes from the North Pacific Ocean albacore tuna stock. All of our albacore tuna are caught with the pole and line catch method.  Fishermen that employ the pole and line catch method use barbless hooks and poles to catch tuna one at a time near the sea’s surface.

Some companies choose to use the smallest albacore tuna to try and obtain lower mercury levels. Not only is that method not effective, but we believe that method is highly unsustainable. By harvesting only the juvenile albacore, there are not enough albacore maturing to reproduce in sustainable quantities.  Safe Catch tests all sizes of tuna to determine exactly which ones meet our purity standards.

Dolphin Safe

Safe Catch is an approved Earth Island Institute (EII) Dolphin Safe company. To be approved by the EII we only purchase seafood that has Dolphin Safe certificates signed by the captain of each ship and verified by an independent third-party observer on board each ship. Safe Catch will never use tuna caught with dolphin associated sets.

Statement on Illegal and Wasteful Fishing Practices

We do not and will not source from fishing operations engaged in shark finning or other wasteful fishing practices. We do not and will not source from companies associated with illegal operations or that have ever been listed on any blacklist. We do not support practices such as transshipment at sea that can facilitate illegal activities.

Statement on Sourcing of Endangered or Threatened Species

We do not and will not source any species listed as Endangered, Critically Endangered or Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. We do not and will not source from overfished stocks or stocks undergoing overfishing as officially described by the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission or other science reports.

Social Responsibility

We will not do business with any vessels, canneries, or processors that we suspect or know to be engaged in any human rights or labor abuses. If any vessel, cannery or processor is suspected of human rights or labor abuses we will support and participate in a full investigation in cooperation with all relevant worker organizations, civil society or intergovernmental actors and applicable enforcement agencies.  We support any and all opportunity for interventions that prioritize the social and economic welfare of workers and the protection of the victims of trafficking, forced and boded labor.

Ocean Conservation

Safe Catch supports the creation of marine reserves to restore depleted fish stocks and to protect ocean ecosystems. Safe Catch will not source from existing marine reserves or marine protected areas.

We believe that by giving consumers an opportunity to voice their opinions on harmful polluting practices by choosing products that specifically address these practices we can contribute to a more environmentally friendly, circular economy.  Safe Catch also donates to ocean conservation groups that are working to educate consumers and directly remove plastics from our oceans.

Labeling & Transparency

Not only do we want our customers to know exactly what is in the food they eat, we want them to know where if came from as well.  All of our products are fully traceable from captain to table. All of our chain of custody information is carefully managed and we are working with Trace Register to bring that information to those customers that request it.

Our Purpose

Here at Safe Catch, we believe that purity matters. Purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers, and purity in our food supply, the way nature designed it. We believe that pure foods should be attainable to everybody, from all walks of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with pure and delicious seafood, while also protecting purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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