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Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna

Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna – Lowest Mercury of Any Brand


Meets Consumer Reports ‘Low Mercury’ Criteria set for sensitive populations such as pregnant women and children.


The Only Brand to Test Every Tuna to a Mercury Limit 10x Stricter than the FDA.


No additives or fillers. Just pure tuna.


The Only Brand to Test Every Tuna for Mercury.

Stephanie Greunke

“Safe Catch tuna is a delicious, inexpensive option that I personally feel good about feeding my family and recommending to my pregnant clients.”

Stephanie Greunke

The “Doctor Mom” Podcast Host & Whole30’s Dietitian and Education Manager
Emily Vanderburg

“Safe catch is the only brand of tuna I eat because it has the lowest mercury level and more omega 3’s than other brands. I feel safe recommending this to my pregnant patients and to families. The taste does not disappoint either, I can’t get enough of tuna salad lately.”

Emily Vanderburg

Physician Assistant

50 Best Clean Foods (March 2017)

Low-Risk Tuna

“We Recommend Safe Catch Tuna”

“I wish I knew about this brand when I was pregnant”

Clean Choice Awards 2016 Winner

How can we guarantee a mercury-level 10x lower than the FDA standard?

We can make this guarantee because we test every, single Safe Catch fish.

Safe Catch is the only brand in the world to do this.

Why test every tuna?

These fish seem identical. They are the same size. They swim in the same school. They both like recess and hate math.

This fish has very low mercury levels.

This fish has 10 times more mercury.

About 1 out of 4 tuna tested do not pass our strict purity standards

That's why Safe Catch tests every fish. And we're the only brand that does.

Average Seafood Mercury Levels

Why Eat Fish During Pregnancy?

In January 2017, the FDA and the EPA issue advice regarding fish consumption to help women who are pregnant or may become pregnant make informed choices when it comes to fish that are healthy and safe to eat.

Because the nutritional benefits of eating fish are important for growth and development during pregnancy and early childhood, the agencies are advising and promoting a minimum level of fish consumption for these groups. The advice recommends 2-3 servings of lower-mercury fish per week, or 8 to 12 ounces. Read more

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