Safe Catch Cucumber Tuna Rolls with Wasabi Mayo

Cucumber Tuna Rolls

Serving Size: 2-4

Makes: 15-20

Submitted by: @hookedonpaleo


1 (5 oz.) Can of Safe Catch tuna (Don’t drain, no oil or water added)

2 Large cucumbers

2 TBSP Paleo mayo

1⁄2 TSP Black pepper

1 TSP Dried chives

1⁄2 TSP Dried parsley flakes

1/8 TSP Crushed Chilies (optional)

1⁄2 Medium avocado

1⁄4 TSP Garlic granuals (can substitute with garlic powder)

  • Fresh scallions, microgreens, and a pinch of cayenne pepper for topping


Homemade Wasabi:

1-2 TSP Wasabi Powder

  • Filtered Water


Cut the ends off of each cucumber and core out the center with a butter knife until the center is removed and a tunnel is created evenly from end to end.

In a medium sized bowl, flake out the tuna with a fork from the can and mix in the mayo until it is completely combined.

Once combined, mix in the black pepper, chives, parsley, crushed chilies and the avocado. Once the tuna is prepared, use a spoon or knife to fill the cucumber until it is full.

Slice the cucumber about 3/4″ for each section. Place the cut pieces on a plate and top with scallions, microgreens and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Dip and enjoy with the spicy wasabi mayo.


For Wasabi Mayonnaise

Combine all ingredients and mix until fully combined.

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