Safe Catch is now Whole30 Approved

We are the First Whole30 Canned Tuna Brand!
Here’s why we love Whole30…

We love Whole30 because of the radical impact it’s had on individuals around the world. Think of the Whole30 program as a 30-day long reset for your health, habits and relationship with food. Many people who have done the Whole30 reset report that they experienced increased energy, better sleep, reduced cravings, improved health and yes, even weight loss. Visit whole30.com or check out The Whole30 book to learn more about the Whole30 reset.

And this is why Whole30 loves Safe Catch…

The Whole30 program focuses on whole, nutrient-dense foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients or better yet, only one wholesome ingredient. This simple, yet effective diet makes Safe Catch the perfect Whole30 protein source!  Whole30ers are stashing our tuna in their pantries for a convenient on-the-go protein option; quick, nourishing lunches; and even to create delicious dinner meals.

Safe Catch tuna is great for:


Safe Catch Whole30-pregnant woman
Safe Catch Elite tuna is a great option for growing families, because pregnant women and children can eat our tuna and receive all of the nutritional benefits (like iodine, potassium and Omega-3s) without worrying about mercury. Safe Catch Elite is the official tuna of the American Pregnancy Association and recommended by many OBGYNs nationwide.  Learn more about our unique mercury testing and cook-process.


Safe Catch Whole30-athlete
Each can of tuna has 35 grams of natural protein, all nine essential amino acids and all Omega-3s, making it a great option for someone who needs a daily source of lean protein.   Read testimonials from some of our athletes who use Safe Catch to fuel their workouts.


Safe Catch Whole30 you
All of the reasons above mean that Safe Catch tuna is an excellent choice for your Whole30 and beyond. Whether you’re creating the delicious tuna burgers from the recipe below, or mixing Safe Catch with Primal Kitchen mayo and tossing it over greens for a quick and easy lunch, we think you’ll enjoy eating Safe Catch tuna even more knowing that it is Whole30 approved.
Looking for some Whole30 inspired meals? Check out our recipe page. Made with Whole30 approved foods!
Spicy Tuna Sliders with Mango Guacamole
SAFE CATCH Tuna Croquettes with Grilled Romaine Salad
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consumers with pure and delicious seafood, while also protecting purity in our oceans, lakes, and rivers.

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