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7 Foods to Stay Young

“You are what you eat.”

You are what you eat. We have all heard this saying before, but have you ever really thought about how simple this concept is? At the foundation of a youthful body is good nutrition… and sleep for that matter! Eating the right food will help you feel, look, and even perform at your best.  Certain foods are great for your skin and hair, while others are vital for your mobility and strength.

There is a vast array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals out there beneficial for your body. Choosing fresh produce in different colors and textures is key. Of course we will all have our cheat days (I know I will), but by making a simple change to fruits, vegetables and lean proteins you can make a huge impact on your life! Incorporating these everyday foods into your diet can combat the aging process and rejuvenate your body from the inside and out.


Avocados are packed full of nutrients that help stimulate younger looking skin, and a healthy heart.

Passion Fruit

Inside the passion fruit you will find an overflow of vitamin A and C, which are wonderful for anti-aging and our immune system.


Papayas contain papain, which is a protein digesting enzyme that aids in digestive disorders and inflammation.


Inside this green machine are vitamins and minerals that are great for aging skin, brain, and heart health.


Tuna fish is full of rich Omega-3 oils and vitamins and minerals, perfect for hair, skin and heart health. Make sure it is safe, pure, and mercury tested (link).


Squash naturally contain coumarin, which helps prevent damage to the skin, joints, brain and heart.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are full of antioxidants and detoxifying substances called sinigrin; which is great for skin, mobility, digestion, heart, and immunity.

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